nnnnnnnnnnnnnnWe can spend short-term and long-term payday loans for any purpose. We can choose from those offered by banks as well as loan companies.

Dlaczego bierzemy pożyczki?

Today, borrowing money is as easy as never before – we can do it even on the internet, without having to leave the house. What do Poles usually borrow?

A financial product such as a loan can be used for any purpose. The borrower is not interested in checking what we spend them on, which is why we have a free hand. That is why payday loans are so popular – we can spend them not only on burning expenses, but also we can finance them with various pleasures.

What do we buy with payday loans?

Research carried out by Millward Brown, whose results can be found in the report “Financial Attitudes of Europeans”, indicate that we borrow money for the purchase, purchase or renovation of a flat – as many as 56 percent of respondents indicated. The purchase of a car with a score of 23 percent came in second. The third place was the purchase of household appliances and electronics.

The above studies, however, concerned both payday loans, including mortgage payday loans, and cash payday loans for any purpose. The answers are slightly different when it comes to quick payday loans – payday payday loans and installment payday loans also offered by non-bank companies.

Moments – quick money also via the Internet

According to research commissioned the most frequently borrowed money is spent on current expenses – 23 percent of indications, then car repairs and home and apartment repairs – 21 percent of indications, RTV and household appliances purchase and fixed bills and fees – 20 percent. Further items included: treatment, repayment of other financial obligations, purchase of a car, purchase of everyday items or additional, unexpected expenses, for example gifts.

In view of this loan, we mainly take into account daily expenses that arise when we are not prepared for them. In this case, it is the quick internet payday loans that are the best solution. We do not have to go to the facility at all, because we will do everything online. On the loan company website, we indicate the amount we want to borrow, then we choose the repayment period and write the application. Thanks to the fact that payday loans are granted on very favorable terms.

The loan is available immediately

If you also need additional funds, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer at Aasa Polska. We offer quick and convenient on-line payday loans on convenient terms. Our installment loan allows you to get up to PLN 10,000 for any purpose. Repayment can be spread over 24 convenient installments to pay monthly.

You can even apply for your loan even online – use our loan calculator and choose the best loan for any purpose. If you have additional questions related to our non-bank payday loans in installments, please contact us.

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