Let’s find out what are the best Payday loans for foreign citizens . In fact, very often, requesting funding for those born outside Italy is anything but simple . We see all the funding for foreigners with or without paychecks , analyzing the characteristics of each product offered and the requirements for accessing the credit we need.

Payday loans for foreigners without payroll

There are several difficulties encountered by foreign citizens living in Italy. In fact, the bureaucracy provides for too long times to obtain Italian citizenship, even in the case of citizens who have been living in our country for more than 10 years. Among the problems we encounter when we do not own citizenship on Italian territory we find that in receiving Payday loans . We have already talked about Payday loans for Romanians , but the same is true of the many Albanians , Peruvians or Moroccans who are looking for funding.

This is because very often among the requirements required by banks is that of being resident in Italy. However, there are different solutions for the many foreigners living in Italy. The first, which is also the best and the simplest, is that reserved for foreign citizens who receive a work income . In this case, the paycheck is an excellent guarantee for the bank that must provide the loan, as it is an insured monthly income. For this reason, you will not usually have particular problems , if not related to the Residence Permit that you will have to possess.

In the case of foreign citizens without a paycheck the difficulties will be greater. However, there are alternative guarantees to the income received to obtain the money you need. The first option is to present a guarantor to the bank , which must have a paycheck. The latter must in fact guarantee the bank the payment by us of the repayment installments, and in case of insolvency will pay the sum unpaid. A second solution, even if risky, is that reserved for those who own a home. In this case it will be possible to proceed with the mortgage of the property , and in case of non – repayment our house will be sold at auction.

How to apply for a payday loan for foreigners

Once you find the solution that’s right for you, what you have to do is to apply for funding for foreigners . If you are a customer of a bank that requires online , all you need to do is follow the wizard . The data that will be requested in the estimate phase will be those personal data and those related to the financing, with the desired amount and the duration that you prefer. Once you have entered all the data and attached all the documentation that will be requested, we will only have to wait for the assessment of the bank , which will decide whether or not to provide the sum requested by us.

An alternative to the online procedure is to go to the branch office . In this case it will be possible to make an appointment always via the bank’s website. Here the request will be sent by an operator who will advise us on the best product to choose from. The documents that we will have with us to make the loan application will be an identity document , a health card , an income document , a residence permit and a document attesting residence in Italy for at least 12 months .

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